About Us

SSCO PAK INDS. has formed since 2 decades with a dedicated team of skilled professionals, supported by state of the technology. SSCO meets the needs of a demanding and changing market in the globe.

We are ready to meet the challenges of new demands with the commitment to a CUSTOMER first philosophy.

As we Produce

BOXING EQUIPMENT + Martial Arts UNIFORMS + TRACK SUITS & JACKETS + FITNESS GLOVES + BELTS + SHOES and other FITNESS ACCESSORIES for the international market and setting new standards of growth gradually.

It is obvious that the stiff competition prevailing in almost allover the world, insists everybody to look at the quality & prices of the others as well.

we are sure, after a few transactions, you will certainly realize that you have found out a real source of supply.

Please get your confidence by making a successful business with SSCO PAK INDS., once at least to test the truth.

We shall be grateful to you. SSCO Products with details are placed in SHOP section. You can view and purchase and back-order them at once.Your trust will be appreciated.