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In The Name of Allah the Most Gracious and Merciful

Over 20 years ago in 2002, SSCO PAK INDS. was founded by C.E.O., a young, motivated business man, who had been gaining experience and background in the business of sports articles for several years.

Mr. Muhammad Safdar C.E.O. had the idea of giving modernize zing the industry of hand-stitched balls. Lead by his sense of innovation and keen interest of what the future held; he funded the construction of a new company which in due time would gain ground and be labeled as a leader in its industry. However as any good business the first years turned to be very quite different from those thoughts of excelling and obstacles were presented constantly. Keeping the target and motivation ahead, equipping a solid team of production & maintaining those fresh innovative ideas slowly he began to cut through the cloth of the competition through model ethics and ingenious production techniques to provide speedy service and competitive prices.


Today’s high-end technology and massive production centers were the dreams held by our CEO however in the early days of SSCO PAK INDS. our production unit was very small.

And then being only the beginning, SSCO PAK INDS. was dedicated to learning and mastering the art craft which then consisted on producing an average of 800 low-end price pointed Boxing & Sportswear. Requiring a lead time of 30 days to manufacture, working with imported materials and weaving in the traditional style of Sportswear’s manufacturing. Mr. Safdar began searching for the elements needed to rise above the traditional standards.

Counting on his natural entrepreneur orientation, he began researching, implementing and developing new ideas and systems to improve quality, delivery times, and customer service. Al of this while keeping his business and production line active. Through research he contacted a local Fabric manufacturer which was developing the materials used for the Martial Arts & Sports Goods. Soon enough he partnered with a international Fabric suppliers and utilizing the production plant together developed high Quality material, one which was unique and competitive with those imported. This gave them the grounds to obtain in shorter times quality materials and innovative options.

To be only natural, at the same time a sense of continuous growth and constant improvement brought an effect of change to the factory. Not being satisfied with the sudden growth in the company Mr. Safdar had begun questioning every step in the operations of production. After numerous trips to industrial manufacturers around the world together with collaboration of industrial engineers, he started looking into what systems and ideas he could withdraw from other industries and implement into his factory.

20 years later the effect of growth has not stopped. As every year passes our administrative vision continuous to grow. Today counting with a complete international administrative group, still headed by Mr. Safdar we have begun implementing new ideas, such as regional offices to provide better service and local dealings. With a vision for surpassing our own accomplishments, constantly we are seeking to reduce lead times through quicker production tendencies and networking with the best companies of international transport (both sea and air). Due to our vision and our dedication and commitment SSCO PAK INDS. is able to produce 25000 Different sportswear models  in the 2019 Export Performance.

All the efforts which have been mentioned and others which were overlooked but also significant, SSCO PAK INDS. has been able to become a Quality and Quantity Supplier for all our Regular Contract Customers.

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